2 thoughts on “Electricity Meter Readings – August 2018”

  1. We’ve recently changed electricity supplier, and have had a problem because our apartment has the wrong postcode in the national electricity customer database. We are recorded as living in YO1 7PB rather than YO1 7PD, and that has resulted in the handover between our new and old suppliers not working. Only about 5 flats in Leetham House are recorded on the database as having the YO1 7PD postcode; everyone else is YO1 7PB. I think the problem only arises when folk change suppliers away from E.On.
    BTW, everyone in Leetham House was put on E.On’s standard variable tariff at completion so, if you (or your landlord) hasn’t changed from this, you’ll be paying way more than you need to.

  2. Given that E.On’s standard rate was so uncompetitive, we changed supplier to OVO’s 2-year deal as soon as we could following completion – have saved over £300 in the last 11 months! Although we had the same issue with the national meter database, after speaking with E.On’s customer services, the database was eventually amended, taking about 3 weeks.

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