Roof Repairs

Work commenced on 25 July to correct a roof design issue principally affecting 5th floor apartments facing the River Foss.  These properties have windows and balcony doors set into the sloping lower Mansard roof; the window/door frames are covered in a waterproof GRP moulding, intended to allow the rain run-off from the upper Mansard to be channelled to the gutters and downpipes.  In heavy rain this has not happened, resulting in rainwater running down the face of the windows, and in the case of the central 3-bedroomed apartments, down the balcony doors of the floors beneath, as well as causing water ingress into some of the apartments.

The work underway will prevent rainwater running over the lip of the GRP moulding.

Those apartments with balconies have been dealt with first, as the other apartments will need to be accessed from ground level using a cherry-picker lift.

The photo shows the original GRP moulding (on the right) and the modified moulding (on the left).

The work was instigated by Lendlease as part of their aftersales programme, and has been funded by Lendlease/the roofing contractor, and therefore will have no impact on the service charge.

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