Lift Callout Procedures

As those occupants of Core 3 are no doubt aware, the lift has been unserviceable all day.  Conscious that Watson cannot do anything if they don’t know about it, I contacted the Maintenance Supervisor, Lisa Harvey, to clarify what the callout and repair arrangements are in the event of a lift failure.

Lisa confirmed that in the first instance, similar to all other building issues, lift failures should be reported to the normal Watson contact number 0113 273 8788 .  Calls to this number made outside of office hours will (should) automatically be forwarded to Watson’s out-of-hours call centre.

Thereafter Watson will contact the lift contractor who will attend the fault.  The contract requires a response within 4 hours, so residents should be aware of the likely delay.  Unfortunately 7 hours have passed since the reporting of today’s fault, so perhaps this needs investigating.

One additional point, if the lift becomes unserviceable whilst occupied, if Watson cannot be contacted directly, the emergency call facility in the lift connects to Kone’s national call centre (Kone are the lift manufacturer), who should then contact Watson.

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