Specification for Cleaning Services

The contract for the cleaning of the common areas of Leetham House has recently changed.  One of the criticisms of the previous contract was that residents had no idea of what was to be cleaned and with what frequency.

Accordingly, the specification for the new cleaning contract for the common areas has been promulgated by the Maintenance Supervisor.  Whilst there is a copy of the specification on the core noticeboards, to ensure maximum visibility, the specification has been reproduced below.

Floors & Stairs

Carpeted. To be vacuumed clean, paying specific attention to the edges. Entrance mats and mat wells to be vacuumed. Spot stains and marks to be removed.

Frequency: Weekly

Interior Woodwork & Metalwork

This includes window frames, sills, architraves, skirtings handrails, doors, etc. Damp wipe using clean cloths and water. Spot marks and stains to be removed.

Frequency: Weekly

Open Commonways & External Porches

All rubbish is to be removed and paved floors are to be swept clean and disinfected if necessary. All walls and entrance doors are to be cleaned to remove dirt, cobwebs, etc. Marks on walls are to be removed where possible. Also sweep the areas around the doors to remove cigarette ends.

Frequency: Weekly

Refuse Area

Keeping refuse areas clean and tidy. Loose items are to be placed in sacks for collection by the Local Authority.

Note: This does not include the removal of large items, which cannot be placed in a sack for removal by the refuse collectors. Watson Property Management are to be advised about these items and a separate instruction will be issued.

Frequency: Weekly


Cleaning of all windows for communal areas. All window frames and sills to be wiped down, both while cleaning and after completion. Windows to be cleaned using clean water containing a mild detergent. Solution to be applied with a clean cloth/chamois and removed with a rubber wipe. All excess solution is to be removed and window to be buffed with a clean cloth or chamois.

Frequency: Monthly

Walls and Ceilings

Marks on walls and ceilings should be removed wherever possible using a damp cloth or soft bristle brush with mild detergents.

Frequency: As necessary


This is a general specification which can vary according to building finishes and specific instructions

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