Sky Q Installation

Some weeks ago there was a discussion on the Hungate Facebook group regarding installation of Sky’s Q service.  This service is designed to give better access to High Definition (HD) and Ultra High Definition (UHD)/4K programming, as well as an improved multi-room capability.

Some residents with Sky’s HD+ service had previously tried to upgrade to the Q service, a service originally launched in the summer of 2016, but had been denied.  Similarly, new subscriber’s trying to sign up for the Q service found as soon as an address at Leetham House was given, they were only able to order the HD+ service.

I took it upon myself to investigate what the issues were and to establish if it would be feasible to have access to Sky’s Q service in Leetham House.  The limitation centres on the older style TV multi-switches installed by LendLease as part of the build; multi-switches are the devices that distribute satellite, conventional TV and radio signals to each of the apartments.  Whilst the installed multi-switches are incompatible with Sky’s Q tuners, earlier this year Sky developed an in-line adaptor capable of converting the satellite signals produced by legacy multi-switches, into signals compatible with Sky Q.  At the same time, these in-line adaptors continue to pass conventional TV, legacy satellite and radio signals, as well as the new Q signals.

The only drawback to the new in-line adaptors is they have to be installed adjacent to the existing multi-switches, all of which are located in various cupboards serving each of the floors and cores of the building.  Accordingly, being outside the areas of the building controlled by individual leaseholders, agreement from Watson for any installation was key to any solution.

After discussions with both Sky and Lisa Harvey, the Maintenance Supervisor, it was agreed that an installation of an in-line adaptor could go ahead to confirm that Sky’s proposed solution was viable for Leetham House.

This photo shows the original multi-switch serving 9 of the apartments in Core 3.  The coloured cables feed the signals from the satellite dish and the TV/radio antennae located on the roof of Core 2.  The black cables distribute the combined signals to various apartments (two cables to each).


Today, Sky engineers attended and installed the in-line adaptor seen at the bottom of the photo on the right.

The adaptor inputs takes 4 outputs from the multi-switch, and provides 2 Sky Q-compatible outputs and 2 legacy outputs.  In this case the original cables supplying Apartment 145 have been moved from the multi-switch to the in-line adaptor, using 1 of the Sky Q-compatible outputs and one legacy output.

Following the installation and testing which took just over an hour, I now have Sky Q installed in Apartment 145, providing Sky Q, conventional TV and radio outputs, as well as a Sky Q mini-box serving one of the bedrooms.

Other tenant’s wishing to upgrade to or subscribe to Sky Q will find that Leetham House is now on Sky’s list of acceptable addresses to order the Sky Q service for, though any installation must be cleared with Watson in order to gain access to the appropriate multi-switch cabinet at the time of installation.


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