The Committee



Nick Higton

I am a retired railway civil engineer and general manager, and my wife, Pauline, was a mathematics teacher and deputy-headmistress.

My wife and I moved here from Piccadilly Plaza on Piccadilly, York, where I was a Director of the building’s management company from shortly after we bought in 2010, and I was the Chairman and Secretary from 2013 until we moved to Leetham House.  There were many issues to be addressed, from ensuring the managing agent performed its duties effectively, that value for money was obtained from the service charge, and that the maintenance, repair, and major works were done in a timely manner, to ensure the value and attractiveness of the property was maintained and enhanced.  

Being an officer of the Leetham House Tenants’ Association is a significant responsibility, and I believe I have the experience and skills to make a valuable contribution.




I am a retired senior RAF officer, and moved to York last year with my wife, Margaret, following years of moving around the world.  Throughout my RAF career I was required to arrange, chair and document meetings at various locations and in varying circumstances.  Margaret and I moved to York following the completion and sale of our own ‘grand design’, so I have a working understanding of many aspects of building regulations, planning processes and working with sub-contractors.  Having addressed a number of service charge issues with the freeholder of another leasehold property my wife and I own in York, I have a good understanding of leasehold law.